Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hills run down

Hey Diary,

Did you watch the hills last night??!!?? Loved it!

Here's a run down of what happened!

1. Lauren continues to struggle with her side bangs, experimenting with different forms of braiding to keep them off her face. It's hard enough to struggle with side bangs, but to do so in front of the nation must be torture.
2. Audrina feels like an outsider because her boyfriend is a loser, well at least he used to be. She also resides in the guest house of the mansion that the three girls share. I can see where Lauren is coming from because it is hard to be fake nice and ask how things are going when you know your friend knows that you hate her boyfriend.
3. Justine Booby actually made a good point that Audrina should feel comfortable in her own home and not singled out. But guess what JB, it takes more than one shining moment to make up for leading Audrina along, cheating on her and giving her lines like "time reveals all."
4. Audrina also claims to have never used the kitchen, because she always goes out. Must be nice bitch!
5. Spencer is still living with his sister, and not cleaning up after himself. What does this kid do all day? Ugh, he could start with a haircut and a lobotomy.
6. So now Heidi wants to go to Vegas? "I need to get away and think." Umm, who goes to Las Vegas to clear their head, the place of over-stimulation? How about go home to Colorado and see your family who wants only the best for you.
7. How do Lauren, Lo and Audrina afford their Hollywood mansion? My guess is that they are all getting paid for the show, plus they have lame jobs, plus their parents are loaded. That should cover it.
8. Heidi's boss is super creepy. Heidi will go into his office to say she is committed to the company and he instantly promotes her?!? Get a girlfriend.
9. Lo needs to stop being such a bitch. It's not third grade anymore, Lauren has more than one friend now. You need to share her.
10. And where has Brody been? He is HOT.

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